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At BRAINTEKH we believe in empowering your business to connect with your target audience in innovative and memorable ways. Our team specializes in crafting immersive experiences that leave a lasting impact, enhancing brand visibility and engagement. We can help you go all out with a fully custom setup, or help fill in the gaps with one of our services. By partnering with us you'll unlock the potential to differentiate your brand, drive customer loyalty, and ultimately boost your bottom line.

What We

Event Planning

& Execution

We will conceptualize, plan, and execute brand activation events that align with your business' goals and brand identity. We Identify suitable venues, manage logistics, and vendors for you

Augmented Reality


AR campaigns are an effective means to advertise new products, increase brand visibility, and engage customers in an immersive and memorable way. We can develop a custom AR mobile app or filter for the occasion

Mobile Billboard


Dynamic LED displays worn by our brand ambassadors to drive sales or highlight new products. They offer high visibility and exposure to targeted audiences, creating brand awareness and generating immediate interest and inquiries from potential customers who encounter our ambassadors on the move.

Experiential Marketing

360 Campaign

Utilize our immersive 360 photo booth experience to engage with customers, promote your product/brand on social media, gather marketing data, or drive leads to your website, shop, or app. 

Virtual Reality


VR games provide a source of entertainment and enjoyment for guests, creating a positive and memorable experience. Also helps position your brand as forward-thinking, tech-savvy, and unique.

Data Analytics

& Insights

We can collect and analyze data from your brand activation events to provide valuable insights for future strategies. Measure the success of campaigns through metrics like engagement rates, foot traffic, and social media impressions.



Our team is exceptionally qualified to handle your brand activation needs. Our CEO brings extensive experience in the entertainment and advertising field, with a track record of success in driving revenue through strategy. With a background deeply rooted in both creativity and business acumen, our leadership is uniquely positioned to create brand activations that resonate with your audience. Moreover, we have a proven history of crafting elevated events that go beyond mere experiences, connecting people on a profound level, and leaving a lasting impact.

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Areas we service:

CA, NY, AZ, WA, TX, and FL


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